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Knowledge on Tap: The fundamental chemistry and physics of global warming

Author: Amy Juhnke

While our earth and its climate are quite complex, at the most fundamental level, the science about how the climate change is understood is more direct. This presentation will look at the most basic chemistry and physics of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and explain how this knowledge forms the basis of understanding the bigger picture of global warming.

Thomas Holme is a Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University. He has taught the “Chemistry in the World Around Us” course for many years both at ISU and at previous universities where he has worked. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Zambia, Africa, and has won several national and local awards for teaching and for science outreach to the general public. At Iowa State he has won the Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award and the Cassling Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching. Nationally, he has recently been announced as the winner of the George Pimentel Award, the highest award for Chemistry Education given by the American Chemical Society.

About Knowledge on Tap
Knowledge on Tap is a monthly gathering in Ames, Iowa that features an informal, non-jargon 30-minute presentation by a scientist on engaging science topics. After the presentation the floor is opened for questions, letting the audience join the conversation. The result – dynamic, engaging community gathering where people can learn something new while meeting new people!

Events are held at Torrent Brewing, a brewery in downtown Ames. The events are free and open to everyone. Since the events take place at the bar, bring your ID. Children must be accompanied by parents or guardian.