KI-Net Conference: Kinetic Descriptions of Chemical and Biological Systems: Models, Analysis and Numerics

CATEGORIES: Conference, Math
March 23-25, 2017 | Iowa State University, Ames, IA

The Iowa State University Mathematics Department was pleased to host a KI-Net Conference on March 23-25, 2017. Click on the links below to see slides from the outstanding presentations that were given:

Barbaro, Alethea – Case Western Reserve University: Phase transition in a model for territorial development

Ben-Naim, Eli – Los Alamos National Lab: Escape and finite-size scaling in reaction-diffusion processes

Constantino, Pedro – University of Minnesota: Maximum Entropy Closure Scheme for Moment Equations of Stochastic Reaction Networks with Oscillatory Dynamics

Degond, Pierre – Imperial College London: Coarse-graining of collective dynamics models

Evans, James – Iowa State University, Physics: Non-equilibrium correlations in interacting-particle reaction-diffusion models with inhibited "stirring"

Ha, Seung-Yeal – Seoul National University: Review on the progress of the classical and quantum synchronization

Herty, Michael – RWTH Aachen: Model-Predictive Control Strategies for Agent-Based Systems

Kosztin, Ioan – University of Missouri: Simultaneous determination of the free energy profile and the effective dynamics along a reaction coordinate in biomolecular systems

Lee, Yongki – UC Riverside: Blow-up conditions for two dimensional modified Euler-Poisson equations

Li, Bo – UCSD: Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of the Growth of Bacterial Colony with Cell-Cell Mechanical Interactions

Liu, Da-Jiang – DOE Ames Lab: Modeling of fronts and patterns at the atomistic level for surface reactions: CO-oxidation on metal(100) surfaces

Liu, Di (Richard) – Michigan State University: Analysis and simulation of multiscale stochastic intracellular bio-chemical reacting networks

Liu, Hailiang – Iowa State University, Mathematics: On selection dynamics with nonlocal competition

Ringhofer, Christian – Arizona State University: Asymptotically preserving numerical methods for large reaction diffusion systems with applications to solar cell design

Rossmanith, James – Iowa State University, Mathematics: Towards Efficient Multiscale Numerical Methods for Kinetic Models in Plasma Physics

Tan, Chanhui – Rice University: Asymptotic preserving schemes on kinetic models with singular limits

Travesset, Alex – Iowa State University, Physics: Self-assembly and dynamics of nanopartical superlattices

Wang, Zhongming – Florida International University: A free energy satisfying discontinuous Galerkin method for one-dimensional Poisson–Nernst–Planck systems

Yu, Hui – RWTH Aachen: Boundary interaction of the Vicsek model and its hydrodynamic model

Zhelezov, Gleb – University of Arizona: Applications of Coalescing Interacting Particles to Chemotaxis Models

Pre-conference information:

For more information regarding the conference and the process for applying to participate, please click on the link below:

KI-Net Conference Announcement

KI-Net Conference Schedule – March 23-25, 2017 Includes speakers, titles and schedule.

More detailed KI-Net Conference Program – March 23-25, 2017 Includes abstracts of all talks.

For those of you already registered with KI-Net to participate, here is some practical informaiton you may need to plan your trip:

Registration Fee: Please plan for a registration fee of $50 per person to cover local expenses. This will be paid when you arrive. We can accept cash (US dollars) or a check made out to Iowa State University on a US bank account in US dollars. KI-Net typically does not reimburse participants for these larger conference fees so you may want to seek reimbursement from other sources.

Lodging: Reservations at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center will be made by KI-Net as part of the registration process. However, if you need the local address/phone number to give to people at home while you are traveling, you will find more information at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center’s website.

Food: The Gateway also has an on-site restaurant, The Iowa Stater. They offer a good variety of menu options in a reasonable price range for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hours are 6:30am to 10:00pm. Additional information regarding local restaurants and food options will be provided when you arrive.

Airport to Hotel Transportation: A shuttle service, Executive Express, is available from the Des Moines Airport to Ames. It is approximately a 45-60 minute drive from the airport to Ames. Executive Express will pick up travelers in the airport baggage claim area and drive you to the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames. Go to the Executive Express website to make a reservation or call 888-522-9899. When doing so, select Drop off location “Ames – Gateway Hotel and Conference Center” to be taken to the proper hotel for the conference. Round trip cost will be $86.00. Please note: You must schedule your own shuttle once your flight plans have been finalized. They will need your flight details when booking. This expense can be reimbursed by KI-Net.

Hotel to Conference Transportation: Plans are being made to provide some morning and evening shuttle services from the Gateway Hotel to the Iowa State University Memorial Union where the conference will be held. Additional information will be provided when you arrive. In addition, Ames does have a public bus service called CyRide.

Parking: For those of you who drive to Ames or choose to get a rental car to use during your stay, parking at the Gateway Hotel is available at no cost. Parking at the ISU Memorial Union Parking Ramp costs approximately $12/day.

Weather: March weather is unpredictable in Iowa. As of 3/15/17, the forecast for March 23-35 is highs of 40-50 degrees with possible rain/thunderstorms. Please check for the Ames, IA forecast again prior to leaving home.

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