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Locating an Iowa Farm Woman’s Leadership in London: Archival Research and the Associated Country Women of the World

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Speaker: Dr. Abby Dubisar, English

Thurs., Nov. 17th
Noon-1 p.m.
Margaret Sloss Women’s Center

This interactive session offers findings regarding the leadership of Indianola, Iowa, native Ruth Buxton Sayre (1896-1980), while she served as president of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), from 1947-1952. Drawing on archival research in London, Dubisar discusses how Sayre led farm organizations, served on President Eisenhower’s agricultural committee, and urged Iowa farm women to see themselves as global citizens.

Beyond addressing Sayre’s influence, this discussion will also feature ACWW’s current projects that support rural women in the Global South and ask attendees to join in a discussion of how archival research holds benefits and challenges for both historical and contemporary research in Women’s and Gender Studies.