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Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Day 2019

Author: las-digital | Image: las-digital

Come to a day of mathematics-filled fun for young women in grades 6-12 and their teachers/guardians! The day will include a keynote session featuring “The One-Cut Problem”, hands-on mathematical workshops, and opportunities to meet women working in mathematics!

In honor of Sonia Kovalevsky, Iowa State University is organizing a Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Day. Young women in grades 6-12, along with their teachers and parents/guardians, are invited to a day-long program featuring workshops, interactive talks, small group discussions with female mathematicians, and
fun math games. The goal of SK Day is to stimulate young women’s interest in mathematics, and encourage them to pursue a career in math and science.

Sonia Kovalevsky was a mathematician at a time when women were generally not allowed to hold professor positions. She became a great researcher as well as one of the first modern European women professors. Her significant work in mathematics and advocacy for women’s rights helped open doors for women in the university system.

Click here to register for Sonia Kovalevsky Day! Students who register by March 14th will get a free t-shirt. Other registrations will be accepted up until March 26th.

We look forward to seeing you March 30th!