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Fulbright Scholar Johnpaul Agaba’s Refugees as a Weapon of War

Author: Amy Juhnke | Image: Amy Juhnke

Johnpaul Agaba is a Ugandan lawyer and visiting Fulbright scholar who has worked with USAID and is a founding member of the nonprofit Refugee Advocacy for Development.

He will discuss the significance of and role refugees have played in the geopolitics of East and Central Africa from pre-colonial tribal wars, to the colonial era of foreign African mercenary fighters, to the current use of refugees in Uganda as spies in proxy wars in Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda and Sudan.

Agaba has over 15 years of experience working with USAID programs on HIV/AIDS, gender issues, and legal advocacy for forced migrants from the Greatlakes region of East and Central Africa. He is currently teaching global health at the College of Saint Rose, NY, and Regis College, MA.