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Computer Science Graduate Student Poster Session

Author: Amy Juhnke | Image: Amy Juhnke

The computer science graduate student organization is organizing a poster presentation showcasing ongoing graduate research in the Department of Computer Science. We invite you to attend and share in the success of our graduate students.

This event will showcase several posters including but not limited to:
Hybridization Networks from Erroneous Trees by Alexey Martin
DeepRace: Finding Data Race Bugs via Deep Learning by Ali TehraniJamsaz
UAV Power Optimization via Reinforcement Learning: An approach toward smart Agriculture by Amir Niaraki
Algorithmic Randomness in Continuous-time Markov Chains by Andrei Migunov
Models for Breast Cancer Multi-Classification for Precision Medicine by Azeez Idris
Development of a Semantic Scene Conversion Model for Image-based Localization by Dongyoun Kim
Disrupting Diffusion: Identifying Critical Nodes in a Social Network by Gaurav Raj
Byzantine-Resilient Stochastic Gradient Descent for Distributed Learning by Haibo Yang
Comprehensive Analysis of Non Redundant Protein Database by Hamid Bagheri
InvocMap: Mapping Method Names to Method Invocations via Machine Learning by Hung Phan
Making Images Resilient to Adversarial Example Attacks by Kang Zhou
Visualization of HPC File System Usage with Improved Performance by Li Zelong
Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Non-Target Constraints by Madhavan Rajagopal
Toward Efficient Online Scheduling for Distributed Machine Learning Systems by Menglu Yu
Adjustment Critetia for Recovering Causal Effects from Missing Data by Mojdeh Saadati
DNN Model Repair using Dynamic Symbolic Execution by Mohammad Wardat
Poisoning Attacks to Graph-Based Recommender Systems by Minghong Fang
Identifying Classes Susceptible to Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Network by Rangeet Pan
Crash-Resillient Decentralized Synchronous Runtime Verification by Ritam Ganguly
Semantics and Anomaly Preserving Sampling Strategy for Big Data by Shibbir Ahmed
The Art and Practice of Data Science Pipelines by Sumon Biswas
Accelerating Unit testing on Multicore CPUs and GPUs by Taghreed Bagies
Interlocking Safety Cases for Unmanned Autonomous Systems in Shared Airspaces by Wandi Xiong
How to Make Your Soup Compute pi by Xiang Huang
Measuring the Impact of Influence on Individuals: Roadmap to Quantifying Attitude by Xiaoyun Fu
Large Scale Study of Refactoring with Boa by Yijia Huang Robotic Cutting: Mechanics and Control of Knife Motion by Yuechuan Xue
Feature Similarity: A Method to Detect Unwanted Feature Interactions Earlier in Software Product Lines by Zahra Khoshmanesh

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Computer Science, Kingland Systems, and ISU Graduate & Professional Student Senate. More information about the event can be obtained by contacting