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Special Mathematics Colloquium

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Speaker: William Johnson, Texas A&M

Title: Some 20+ year old problems about Banach spaces and operators on them

Abstract: The title says it all!

Time/Place: Thursday October 24, 4:10PM, 018 Carver (with hospitality at 3:45 in 404 Carver)

William B. Johnson
Ph.D. ’69 Mathematics

2019 marks fifty years since Bill Johnson earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Iowa State University, under the direction of James A. Dyer. He has since had a highly decorated career as a researcher and educator.  One of his many celebrated results is the Johnson-Lindenstrauss lemma—a foundational result in dimensionality reduction.  He is currently Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, A.G. & M.E. Owen Chair of Mathematics, at Texas A&M University.  He previously held regular appointments at the University of Houston and the Ohio State University. Bill will be presented with an Iowa State University Alumni Association award during his stay in Ames.