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Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar: First-order image restoration models for staircase reduction and contrast preservation

Author: Lona | Image: Lona

Speaker:  Wei Zhu (University of Alabama)

In this talk, we will discuss two novel first-order variational models for image restoration. In the literature, lots of higher-order models were proposed to fix the staircase effect. In our first model, we consider a first-order variational model that imposes stronger regularity than total variation on regions with small image gradients in order to achieve staircase reduction. In our second model, we further propose a novel regularizer that presents a lower growth rate than any power function with a positive exponent for regions with large image gradients. Besides removing noise and keeping edges effectively, this regularizer also helps preserve image contrasts during the image restoration process. We employ augmented Lagrangian method (ALM) to minimize both models and provide the convergence analysis. Numerical experiments will be then presented to demonstrate the features of the proposed models.