Uncle Sam Wants Who? Women, Men and the Meaning of American Selective Service: LAS Dean’s Lecture

November 9, 2021, 8:00pm | Great Hall, Memorial Union

Amy J. Rutenberg, associate professor of history, LAS equity advisor and social studies education program coordinator for the Department of History will present “Uncle Sam Wants Who? Women, Men and the Meaning of American Selective Service” on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 8:00 p.m. in the Great Hall, Memorial Union. This lecture is part of the Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Lecture Series.

Why is the question of whether women, like men, should register with Selective Service controversial? Rutenberg will discuss the current push for women to register in the context of the different meanings Americans have attributed to military service and the draft over time. 

Rutenberg is the author of “Rough Draft: Cold War Military Manpower Policy and the Origins of Vietnam-Era Draft Resistance.” She is currently writing a book about peace activism and military service between the 1970s and the 1990s.  Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic and The Conversation. She is a trustee of the Society for Military History and the K-12 editor of www.teachingmilitaryhistory.com. She received her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University, her master’s degree from Harvard University and her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. 

The LAS Dean’s Lecture highlights faculty excellence in learning, discovery and engagement. Each semester, the dean invites LAS faculty of distinction to present lectures from their own areas of expertise on topics of interest to the general public, designed to stimulate high-quality, intellectual discussion among faculty, staff, students and community members. 

 A Q&A session with Rutenberg will follow the lecture. 

Amy J. Rutenberg giving lecture

Lecture recording with captions available.