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Can You Guess My State?


The Political Science Club and Political Science Department will be hosting a game where each student will have to write descriptions of a randomly-given state, and others have to guess what state it is.

Attendees will also hear a brief description of the department and its programs. Participants will have the chance to win a prize!

Game description:

Each student receives a card randomly assigning┬áthem┬áto a particular state. Students then have a few minutes to write down a list of facts about that state (they can use the internet). They stand at the front of the room, and each student asks one question and makes one guess as to the state’s identity. The questions should encourage the students to understand the key differences between states. The person or team (max 2) that guesses correctly wins a point. The person/team with the most point will get a prize. (Adapted from Classroom, Andrew Leahey, 2021).