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Algebra and Geometry seminar: The geometry and combinatorics of complex polynomials

Author: Lona

Speaker: Professor Jon McCammond from UC Santa Barbara


Abstract: Even though complex polynomials are, in most ways, well known and well understood, there are still some surprising aspects that are only now being investigated.  In this talk, I would like to highlight a new surprising connection between complex polynomials, the combinatorics of the noncrossing partitions and the combinatorial structures that Martin, Savitt and Singer call “basketballs”.  In particular, I will talk about a very nice combinatorially defined finite cell complex which compactifies the space of monic centered complex polynomials of degree d.   This is joint work with Michael Dougherty.  If there is time at the end of the talk, I will also explain the problem about braid groups that led Michael and I to undertake these investigations.