Discrete Math Seminar

“Generalized Ramsey numbers at the linear and quadratic thresholds.” being presented by Patrick Bennett of Western Michigan University. Read More

AG Seminar: Free Decomposition Spaces

Speaker: Philip Hackney (U of Louisiana at Lafayette) Abstract: Simplicial objects are a fundamental tool in modern homotopy theory, (higher) category theory, and algebra. Read More

Discrete Seminar: On the Connectivity and Diameters of Friends-and-Strangers Graphs

Speaker: Ryan Jeong, University of Pennsylvania Abstract:Given two simple graphs $X$ and $Y$ on $n$ vertices, the friends-and-strangers graph $\mathsf{FS}(X, Y)$ has as… Read More

TrAC seminar: Learning Operators

Speaker: Siddhartha Mishra, Professor of Mathematics at the Seminar for Applied Mathematics at ETH Zürich Abstract: Operators are mapping between infinite-dimensional spaces and arise in… Read More

Math Bio Seminar: Some recent results on three species food chains

Speaker: Rana Parshad, Iowa State University (Mathematics)   Abstract: Food chain dynamics are the cornerstone of many ecosystems. In this talk we survey some classical… Read More

Algebra Geometry Seminar: Modules over Noncommutative Deformations of Kleinian Singularities

Speaker: Jonas Hartwig (ISU)   Abstract: A Kleinian (or du Val, or simple surface) singularity XX is the set of orbits C2/GC2/G where GG is a finite group of 2×2 matrices of determinant 11. The set XX is… Read More

Math Colloquium: Structure and dynamics of Boolean networks, with applications to the concept of modularity in biology

Speaker: Reinhard Laubenbacher, University of Florida   Abstract: A Boolean network in n variables is a function from the set of binary strings of length… Read More

Logic Seminar: Borel equivariant inverse to Weierstrass factorization theorem

Speaker: Konstantin Slutsky, Iowa State University Abstract: (This talk reports on an ongoing joint work with Mikhail Sodin, Aron Wennman and Oren Yakir.) Weierstrass factorization… Read More

Algebra Geometry Seminar: Leveraging Symmetry for Optimal Line Packings

Speaker: Joey Iverson (ISU) Abstract: How can we arrange lines to pass through the origin without creating sharp angles? This question arises in applications such… Read More

Math Bio Seminar: Identifying Peaks and Estimating Parameters for CUT&RUN Sequencing Using Branching Process Model

Speaker: Debosmita Kundu, Iowa State University (Statistics) Abstract: CUT&RUN is a new method for detecting protein interactions with DNA that is easier to implement than… Read More