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Named Position Ceremony

Fall semester opens with an exciting development for Iowa State mathematics. The department has established the Scott Hanna Professorship and the Scott Hanna Faculty Fellowship with the appointment of two faculty to these newly minted positions. Each award recipient will be formally recognized during a medallion ceremony on October 3 in the Cardinal Room of … Continue reading Named Position Ceremony

October 3, 2019, 4:00pm | Cardinal Room, Memorial Union
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Nonlocal School on Fractional Equations – NSFE 2017

The school topics are modeling, regularity theory, and numerical analysis for fractional nonlocal PDEs. Graduate students, early career researchers and postdocs are encouraged to attend. The school will be held at the Hayes Auditorium (Room 2155), located on the second floor of Marston Hall at Iowa State University campus in Ames. More information available on … Continue reading Nonlocal School on Fractional Equations – NSFE 2017

Combinatorics/Algebra Seminar

Adnan Abdulwahid: Cofree objects in centralizer and center categories We study cocompleteness, co-wellpoweredness and generators in the centralizer category of an object or morphism in a monoidal category, and the center or the weak center of a monoidal category. We explicitly give some answers for when colimits, cocompleteness, co-wellpoweredness and generators in these monoidal categories … Continue reading Combinatorics/Algebra Seminar

October 10, 2016, 4:10-5:00pm | Carver 232