Mathematical Biology Seminar: Modeling gene regulatory network dynamics at single-cell resolution

Speaker: Adam MacLean, University of Southern California Abstract: Since single-cell RNA sequencing technologies have become widespread, great efforts have been made to develop… Read More

Mathematical Biology Seminar

Speaker:  Nancy Rodriguez, UC Boulder Title:  TBA… Read More

Mathematical Biology Seminar

Speaker:  Moumita Das, Rochester Institue of Technology Title: TBA… Read More

ISU Discrete Math Seminar: Empty axis-pallel boxes

Speaker: Boris Bukh (Carnegie Mellon University) How to place n points inside the d-dimensional unit cube so every large axis-parallel box contains at least one… Read More

Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar: First-order image restoration models for staircase reduction and contrast preservation

Speaker:  Wei Zhu (University of Alabama) In this talk, we will discuss two novel first-order variational models for image restoration. In the literature, lots of… Read More

Probability, Analysis, and Data Science (PADS) Seminar: Rates of convergence to statistical equilibrium: a general approach and applications

Speaker: Cecilia Mondaini (Drexel University)   Randomness is an intrinsic part of many physical systems. For example, it might appear due to uncertainty in the… Read More

Mathematics Colloquium: Anderson acceleration and how it speeds up convergence in fixed point iterations

Speaker:  Leo Rebholz (Clemson University)   Anderson acceleration (AA) is an extrapolation technique originally proposed in 1965 that recombines the most recent iterates and update… Read More

The Mathematics and Deep Learning Collective: Exploratory Data Analysis for Data Objects on a Metric Space via Tukey’s Depth

Exploratory data analysis involves looking at the data and understanding what can be done with them. Non-standard data objects such as directions, covariance matrices, trees,… Read More