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Activism in the Music Industry: An ISCORE Encore Presentation

Author: perkinsk

headshot of Durga Sritharan
Durga Sritharan
Headshot of Jasmine Tappin
Jasmine Tappin

When we think of the First Amendment and the power of protest, we may not immediately think of music. In this Depth & Dialogue session, ISU student Durga Sritharan shares why we should. Her presentation originally was delivered at ISCORE 2021, but its message is relevant to First Amendment Days 2021. Find out how music is one of the most powerful forms of expression, providing an avenue for several centuries for underrepresented individuals and groups to express their voices, thoughts, and emotions. Q&A will follow.

  • Durga V. Sritharan, ISU Sophomore, Biology, Pre-Medicine, George Washington Carver Scholar
  • Professional Mentor: Jasmine Tappin, ISU Program Coordinator for the George Washington Carver program
  • Host: Julie Roosa, First Amendment Specialist

Recorded session:


First Amendment Days, April 12-16, 2021, is Iowa State University’s annual weeklong celebration of our First Amendment freedoms – religion, speech, press, assembly, petition. It’s hosted by the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication’s First Amendment Committee. See the complete schedule.