Geometric analysis seminar: On Hessian integrability estimates for fully nonlinear equations

Speaker: Thialita M. Nascimento from University of Central Florida   Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss new universal bounds for the exponent of… Read More

CAM Seminar: VarMiON: A variationally mimetic operator network

Speaker: Deep Ray, University of Maryland, College Park Abstract:   Operator networks have emerged as promising deep learning tools for building fast surrogates of PDE… Read More

Math GSO Student Research Symposium

Saturday, April, 15th, the Math Graduate Student Organization is hosting the Student Research Symposium. This is an all day event starting with a light breakfast at 9:00am… Read More

Math Department Awards Ceremony

On Friday, April 14th in Troxel Hall, everyone is invited to the Department Awards Ceremony at 4:30pm in Room 1001 Awards Reception (with refreshments) at 5:30pm (or… Read More

Algebra and Geometry seminar: The geometry and combinatorics of complex polynomials

Speaker: Professor Jon McCammond from UC Santa Barbara   Abstract: Even though complex polynomials are, in most ways, well known and well understood, there are… Read More

Discrete Math Seminar: The heroes of digraphs: coloring digraphs with forbidden induced subgraphs

Speaker: Alvaro Carbonero Gonzales, University of WaterlooAbstract:The chromatic number is one of the most studied graph invariants… Read More

CAM Seminar: HPC at ISU: Using High Performance Computing Resources on Campus

We will have a CAM seminar talk next Monday (April 10th) at 2:15-3:05pm in Carver 401. Dr. Marina Kraeva from ISU High Performance Computing (HPC) group will introduce the HPC… Read More

Math Logic Seminar: Dynamics on the path space of generalized Bratteli diagrams

Speaker: Olena Karpel (AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland) Abstract: Bratteli-Vershik models have been very successfully applied to the study… Read More

Algebra Geometry Seminar: A Framework to Support the Study of Tame- and Wild-Type Quivers in Persistence Theory

Speaker: Yariana Diaz (University of Iowa)   Abstract: Single- and multi-parameter persistence theory have been studied extensively and there are results from recent years analyzing… Read More

Math Bio Seminar: Beyond six feet: The collective behavior of social distancing

Speaker: Zhijun Wu, Iowa State University (Mathematics) Abstract: Social distancing has been a vital tool to fight epidemics and save lives. It may induce profound… Read More